Justine Mejak

Pineapples Lust is your source for inspiration about every day [pineapple] life and love topics, traveling on a budget, do it yourself (DIY),  and Health & Wellness. I hope to add some fun and positivity to your life!

I started Pineapple Lust 4 times. But officially, in 2017 when I completed my master’s degree and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Over the years, I have found passions in DIY home renovations, health and fitness, travel, and my passion for my career in Higher Education. Once in awhile, I would start a blog on a certain topic, get bored, and start a new blog about something else. I finally decided to share all of my passions in one place in hopes to inspire a broad range of people; cheers to it working!

Born outside of Buffalo, New York, the capitol of bad sports teams and alcoholics, my parents spent their youth sneaking into bars and watching semi-crappy bands. Legend has it, my dad fell in love with a tall, blonde, lead singer of a band who went by “Cool Justine.” From that moment, he just HAD to have a daughter named “Cool Justine.” However, he had to work to get there. My older sister’s middle name is Justine and by the time I was born, he finally got his way. I was born Justine Elizabeth, AKA Cool Justine.

Pineapple Life

My favorite place in the entire world is Charleston, S.C. right next to the Pineapple fountain. The pineapple represents hospitality and friendship. I have sat next to that fountain more times than I can count throughout my lifetime and the pineapple has come to mean something very personal to me. I always keep the reminder of the message of the pineapple nearby and strive to live a “pineapple life” full of love, lust, hospitality, friendship, and always remaining sweet on the inside.

xo – J

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